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Hey alex. Nice to hear that. I hope you aren't planning to sell to yahoo eihetr. :) I totally agree that code is not necessarily more important than results, but I do like that, in this very case, code is given prominence. On one hand, both the instructions and the implementations are provided as language, so there is ground for interesting interactions between them. On the other hand, both are also instructions in the end, so more room to play.With the , for example, I was playing with the idea that an instruction was given to me (the person), but I had to respond in code. Should I just draw a line in code and then follow it with my body? Should I implement myself in code? I think that if the site gave more importance to results we'd have more visual/aural pieces faking what is asked. Not that this is bad, but I find more engaging the language interplay. But this will really depend on the instruction given, as I see from the second one About the lack of comments, I think it also gives a more intimate experience (that was my first thought about this no-feature, but I was kind of wary about writing intimate in the blog :) )Ok, so not much digested thoughts yet, but enough to let you know how the thing tickled my brain. I'm already thinking of instructions and an implementation for the second one, be! :: forum :: wróć